predator: rewriting fragility

PREDATOR. The project was born in 2010, when the my attention was captured by 4 little girls, from which a collaboration began. I put them inside an old blue van, covered with surgical gauze and the result was shocking: I feel catapulted into a war scenario, with an overwhelming force; the scene strikes us and annihilates us, showing a fragility that was worth immortalizing. My project is a rewrite of beauty and fragility.

"the impossibility of being weak/fragile is innate in the human being, weakness is unquestionably our power". The flesh of the subjects appears exposed, but at the same time covered and protected by gauze to indicate precisely this fragility and vulnerability. The choice of using the bandages is targeted and precise and voluntary is the reference to suffering, to the condition of the victim and consequently to the weak subject. But my bandages do not cover and do not hide entirely, but on the contrary, them reveal the strength and determination of women and girls, who play an upside-down role. From victim they become predators and the viewer inevitably falls into this trap, thus becoming prey.